"Souldrop - Everything from high-energy, funky original tunes to jazzed up covers of your favourite hits to a flamenco infused acoustic set."   Contact: Finn Perring Email: Facebook: Souldrop Instagram: Souldrop


"Old skool funk covers and originals. In legend it is told that there exists a set of lips so hawt, that when puckered for a kiss, they can melt the barnacles off a deep-sea trauler. So beautiful that bhuddist monks spend their lives aspiring to the transcendant quailities of their luminesence. It is said that... Continue Reading →

Little Red Cookbook

"It is rare to find four chiseled jawlines sharp enough to measure the angle between your bathroom floor and the wall … but these four beauties have indeed the talent and audacity. LITTLE RED COOKBOOK is exactly the sound you want to hear when biting down on a smashed avocado bagel – just supreme. Nothing... Continue Reading →

Martinborough Gardening Duo

"MARTINBOROUGH GARDENING DUO (MGD) After a big day of cashies in the horticultural industry we are ready to ooze into your eardrums. With a steezy collaboration of guitar and saxophone MGD will be bringing you a mix of chilled out rock, reggae, hip hop, rap and ofcourse the classics Jack Johnson and STI FI to... Continue Reading →

Matt Slaughter

  "I mostly play acoustic sets and perform a mix of originals and covers. I'd tend to play songs on the more quiet side, but often branch out into more loud, danceable stuff when playing events. I have played a number of University events including the O Week "Dovedale do," The GeogSoc BBQ, The international... Continue Reading →

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