“Old skool funk covers and originals.

In legend it is told that there exists a set of lips so hawt, that when puckered for a kiss, they can melt the barnacles off a deep-sea trauler. So beautiful that bhuddist monks spend their lives aspiring to the transcendant quailities of their luminesence. It is said that these lips currently bring the funk to the hawtest band in the hood; HawtLipz, and that the power of the lips has given this band the most potent pelvic swingin’ force ever experienced by man.

Get off your tush and saunter on down to our gigs for a rip-roaring, butt puckering, hardcore musical experience. If you miss this, you may risk becoming socially irrelevant.”

Contact: Tom Harris

Email: redpianotom@gmail.com

Facebook: Hawtlipz

Soundcloud: Hawtlipz

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