Guy Dooney & The Battlers


“We play a number of genres and can tailor a set list for almost any occasion. If an intimate setting suited to quiet acoustic music is required we are a fantastic option. On the other hand, if you like, we can break out the electric guitars, full drum kit and treat your ears and dancing shoes to upbeat soul/ska/rock.

We are an original sounding group with a point of difference which many people can’t put a label on. You won’t find a hoard of tired cover songs in our setlist. Instead, you might find yourself listening to carefully sculpted originals, one of your favourite songs you’d forgotten about, or a cover with a twist from a band you’ll want to look up as soon as you’ve got a minute spare. If you would like a particular song or two in the setlist, this can be arranged in advance.”


Contact: Guy Dooney


Facebook: Guy Dooney Music

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