TuneSoc promotes and manages bands and individuals at UC.

If you are interested in booking a band or individual for your event then get in touch with us through the contact tab.

If you are a musician looking for an opportunity to play around University and beyond and wish to boost your profile then also get in touch!

We are here to promote local musicians.

Check out some of our awesome UC artists below:

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Guy Dooney & The Battlers

“We play a number of genres and can tailor a set list for almost any occasion. If an intimate setting suited to quiet acoustic music is required we are a fantastic option. On the other hand, if you like, we can break out the electric guitars, full drum kit and treat your ears and dancing… Continue Reading →


“I’m a solo acoustic artist that primarily plays covers of popular music and a few more obscure covers. I do also slip my own music in there from time to time. I’ve been playing in Christchurch for the last year playing in open mics, having some paid gigs, and even playing at Winterfest in 2016.”… Continue Reading →


“Old skool funk covers and originals. In legend it is told that there exists a set of lips so hawt, that when puckered for a kiss, they can melt the barnacles off a deep-sea trauler. So beautiful that bhuddist monks spend their lives aspiring to the transcendant quailities of their luminesence. It is said that… Continue Reading →

Little Red Cookbook

“It is rare to find four chiseled jawlines sharp enough to measure the angle between your bathroom floor and the wall … but these four beauties have indeed the talent and audacity. LITTLE RED COOKBOOK is exactly the sound you want to hear when biting down on a smashed avocado bagel – just supreme. Nothing… Continue Reading →

Martinborough Gardening Duo

“MARTINBOROUGH GARDENING DUO (MGD) After a big day of cashies in the horticultural industry we are ready to ooze into your eardrums. With a steezy collaboration of guitar and saxophone MGD will be bringing you a mix of chilled out rock, reggae, hip hop, rap and ofcourse the classics Jack Johnson and STI FI to… Continue Reading →

Matt Slaughter

  “I mostly play acoustic sets and perform a mix of originals and covers. I’d tend to play songs on the more quiet side, but often branch out into more loud, danceable stuff when playing events. I have played a number of University events including the O Week “Dovedale do,” The GeogSoc BBQ, The international… Continue Reading →


“Saddles (Swedish pronunciation: Saddels) were a Swedish pop group formed in Stockholm in 1972 by members Agnetha “Tom Dench” Fältskog, Björn “Asher Olliver” Ulvaeus, Benny “Ben Sinclair” Andersson, and Anni-Frid “Hayden Slaughter” Lyngstad. They became one of the most commercially successful acts in the history of popular music, topping the charts worldwide from 1974 to… Continue Reading →

Sammy T

“Sammy T is an experienced performer around the University of Canterbury campus having performed frequently at club events and bars over the last two years. He provides an interesting mix of old and new covers with a characteristic soulful style. Performs a wide range of gigs from chill background music to upbeat acoustic music to… Continue Reading →


“Souldrop – Everything from high-energy, funky original tunes to jazzed up covers of your favourite hits to a flamenco infused acoustic set.”   Contact: Finn Perring Email: Facebook: Souldrop Instagram: Souldrop

Yurt Party

“Check out Yurt Party in action. We put the OO in oompah – high energy feel good gypsy music, with modern sensibilities and urban grooves. We write our own music as well as drawing on trad songs. Highly experienced musos who love to groove for you”   Contact: Tom Harris Email:

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