Groove Room Booking & Info


The Groove Room is UCSA property which TuneSoc and its members are allowed to use, following these conditions:

  • Keys MUST be returned to the UCSA office within one business day.
  • Use of the Groove Room assumes some responsibility for the ongoing care of the facilities, any lost or broken equipment can be liable to the user to repair or replace in order to ensure our facilities stay usable.
  • If a key is lost or missing for more than one week, the responsible party will be liable for the cost of lock replacement and new keys (approx. $500).
  • Members using the Groove Room will agree to these conditions and be responsible for the care of the room in their allocated time.

Groove Room Maintenance

If there is any broken or missing equipment during your time in the Groove Room, please get in touch through our contact page or at with details and pictures.

We want this space to be accessible to all musicians of UC, so keeping tabs on our equipment is paramount to the ongoing success of this space.


Booking is available HERE through Appointlet.

Room bookings must be made at least one day in advance. Remember to pick up the key before 5pm on weekdays, as the UCSA office will be closed. Please read the information below BEFORE booking.


Currently, TuneSoc has a number of musical instruments and gear for use at the Groove Room. These IN NO CIRCUMSTANCES can be removed from this room.

  • A full drum kit
  • 3 Acoustic Guitars
  • Electric Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • 3 Guitar Amps
  • 1 Bass Amp
  • 1 Keyboard
  • 3 Vocal Microphones and stands
  • Full PA and mixer
  • A foldback speaker
  • Guitar leads and XLR cables
  • All cables for PA and foldback supplied and connected (not to be touched)

Groove Room Availability

The groove room (the white pavilion, upstairs, On Ilam Fields next to Waimari Village) can be hired between 10am and 10pm on Monday to Friday, after 5pm on Saturday, and 10am and 10pm on Sunday. This is for Groove Room members ($20) only. You can sign up here.

You are required to book your time below. Please book at least a day in advance, if you do not, we can not guarantee the room will be booked for you. You can pick up the key from the UCSA reception before you practice on the day (the UCSA office is open between 9am and 5pm Monday to Thursday, and 9am to 4:30pm on Friday, and is closed on public holidays and weekends). If you finish before 5pm, please return it to the UCSA office then. If you finish after 5pm, please return the key early the next morning. If you wish to use it on the weekend, you can pick up the key on Friday afternoon before 4:30pm, and drop it back early on Monday. It is your responsibility to organise pick up and drop off of the key.

Disclaimer and Feedback

All hired gear will be the hirer’s legal responsibility and any issues arising with the gear will be at the hirer’s own fault and they will be expected to pay replacement or repair costs. All damage to gear is to be reported.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the Groove Room and booking system! Get in touch with us through our contact page and let us know what you think.

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