Equipment Hire

With the support of UCSA, TuneSoc offers backline hire to clubs at the University of Canterbury for events.

Available gear

Full drum kit
– Tama Superstar Hyperdrive Maple: 22” bass, 16” floor tom, 12” rack tom, 10” rack tom, 14” snare
– Istanbul Agop XIST Cymbals: 14” hi hats, 16” crash, 20” crash ride, cymbal case
– Hardware: Hit hat stand, crash boom stand, ride boom stand, snare drum stand, 2 x rack tom
mounting hardware, drum stool, drum pedal, hardware suitcase
– Under carpet
– Drum key

Guitar amps
– Fender Deluxe Reverb tube amp
– Vox Combo Green Back tube amp
Bass amp
– Ampeg bass amp

To hire our backline, book using our online system here. Once you have booked a date you will be redirected back to this page to complete the contract and payment details.

Hire fees

Entire backline- $150

Full drum kit alone- $100

Amps- $25 each

To complete your booking, read the contract and payment details below carefully and email with the signed contract and a screenshot of proof of payment attached. Use your club name and booking date followed by ‘equipment hire’ as the subject header.


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