Review: Scarfies on Tour

Campbell Lauder, March 2017, MONO Nights (The Foundry) The Scarfies Takeover on 23rd March saw a revitalised MONO Night which strayed away from the turntables and gave UC students some peachy homegrown tunes from the dirty south. The Shambles performed a set quite unlike any others, with outstanding stage presence led by the man himself,... Continue Reading →

Review: Welcome to TuneSoc

Sam Thomas, March 2017, The Foundry Did we just witness the birth of a homegrown UC music scene? "Welcome to TuneSoc" was the first major event of the year by the ambitious new club TuneSoc which is looking to stimulate musical growth in the UC community. The event featured eight acts across a diverse range of... Continue Reading →

Review: Nostalgia Festival

Hayden Slaughter, March 2017, Ferrymead Heritage Park If anyone ventured to Lyttelton on the 4th of March, and were baffled by the distinct lack of other humans in the area, I think I may have the answer. Nostalgia Festival, at The Ferrymead Heritage Park, provided a taste of the vibrant New Zealand independent music scene,... Continue Reading →

Review: Nomad

Harry Lawrence, February 2017, MONO Nights (The Foundry) Nomad, Christchurch’s favourite sons came back home for a night that both old and new uni students have raved about as the gig that kicked off 2017 at UC. As a Brit I have to admit that I had never heard of Nomad before coming to New... Continue Reading →

Review: The Bats

Tom Dench, January 2017, Space Academy Christchurch When I heard that The Bats were playing a gig in Christchurch, I was super excited on my parents’ behalf. One of the bands on Flying Nun’s original roster, The Bats, along with label mates such as Sneaky Feelings and The Chills, had dominated indie rock playlists in the... Continue Reading →

Review: Fat Freddy’s Drop

Campbell Lauder, February 2017, Queenstown NZ As we reach the grassy ridges of the Queenstown Cricket Oval, the grounds are encompassed by the mountainous landscape surrounding it – providing the most idyllic setting for an outdoor concert. As the warmup acts finish up, Fat Freddy’s Drop begin to play, with the seven-piece band providing a... Continue Reading →

I thought they’d already be doing this?

University is the mystical place dancing on the horizon of many people’s teenage years. As they work their way up through the ranks of high school, uni takes on a sheen of hypothetical wonder; an intellectual and spiritual playground (see tequila, rum, vodka etc.).

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