Review: RDU Round Up 2017 (Grand Final)

Ben Sinclair, July 2017, Darkroom Following transportation issues which resulted in a reduced (but still, excellent) Darkspace festival (Ed's note: see Issue #9) I was feeling the thirst for another excellent night at the Darkroom. Christchurch's premier band competition, the RDU Round Up 2017 Grand Final was the excellent quencher, featuring five bands (Nervous Jerk,... Continue Reading →

TuneSoc & RDU Collide

Matt Slaughter TUNE into TuneSoc Radio every Friday between 12 and 2 on RDU 98.5! RDU and UC have had a close relationship since the station’s humble beginnings in 1976. By its very nature, student radio is radio created by students, for students. The beginning of 2017 saw this notion once again affirmed through the... Continue Reading →

Review: Darkspace III

Hayden Slaughter, July 2017, Darkroom/Space Academy Darkspace III, a collaborative event from two of Christchurch’s premier underground music establishments, Darkroom and Space Academy, was scheduled for the night of Saturday the 22nd of July. It was cancelled due to the torrential downpour—most of the acts couldn't get to Christchurch. A soggy 0/10. However, Darkroom pulled... Continue Reading →

Review: Melodrama (Album)

Melodrama by Lorde Asher Olliver, June 2017 Melodrama is beautifully produced, Lorde still sounds like Lorde. I’ll rate this album track by track, it’s a 8/11 if you don’t want to read further. Her first album was slightly more interesting due to same ol' Lorde drumbeats with just slightly more American production involved. It’s Lorde’s... Continue Reading →

Review: Brekky for Dinner

Hayden Slaughter, May 2017, The Foundry Brekky for Dinner?! Why would I go to The Foundry to eat breakfast at dinner time? Well, you probably wouldn’t, but that certainly does not mean a big bowl of Soaked Oats, brought to you by The Butlers, would be an absolute Shambles! It is not often that you... Continue Reading →

Review: TuneSoc Battle of the Bands

Hayden Slaughter, May 2017, The Foundry “God of Rock, thank you for this chance to kick ass. We are your humble servants. Please give us the power to blow people's minds with our high voltage rock. In your name we pray, Amen.” – Dewey Finn. Eight bands, on one night, with one sole purpose, to... Continue Reading →

Review: Soaked Oats

Campbell Lauder, April 2017, Wunderbar The release party for the Oats’ new EP ‘Stone Fruit Melodies’ was hectic to say the least. A fusion of delicious tunes hitting the back of your throat with a beautiful mixture of musical instrumentals and sexy vocals made this was one heck of a gig - and some! The... Continue Reading →

TuneSoc Battle of the Bands

LOCK IN THE 20TH OF MAY on your wall planner because the time is upon us! The TuneSoc Battle of the Bands has arrived! There are some unreal bands at UC who have come together to battle it out for your listening pleasure and some outstanding prizes! Tickets are available from Cosmic Ticketing: With early... Continue Reading →

TuneSoc & BirdsNest Present: Brekky for Dinner

TuneSoc & BirdsNest Entertainment Present: Brekky 4 Dinner Friday May 12th @ The Foundry Tickets: TuneSoc has welded minds with BirdsNest to bring UC a flurry of bands for your listening pleasure. Highlight Friday the 12th of May in your desk diary because it’s going to be a feast of organically harvested, homegrown kiwi produce... Continue Reading →

Review: Scarfies on Tour

Campbell Lauder, March 2017, MONO Nights (The Foundry) The Scarfies Takeover on 23rd March saw a revitalised MONO Night which strayed away from the turntables and gave UC students some peachy homegrown tunes from the dirty south. The Shambles performed a set quite unlike any others, with outstanding stage presence led by the man himself,... Continue Reading →

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