TuneSoc & RDU Collide

Matt Slaughter

TUNE into TuneSoc Radio every Friday between 12 and 2 on RDU 98.5!

RDU and UC have had a close relationship since the station’s humble beginnings in 1976. By its very nature, student radio is radio created by students, for students. The beginning of 2017 saw this notion once again affirmed through the creation of TuneSoc radio; TuneSoc’s mainstream voice, and the Christchurch public’s way-in to the goings on of the University of Canterbury music scene.

Every Friday between 12 and 2, TuneSoc Radio provides listeners with a treasure trove of new and old musical gems, to educate and inspire the next generation of UC songwriters and creatives. Pair this with some sometimes informative, but for the most part, questionable chat and many a shameless TuneSoc plug, and listeners are left with a snapshot not only into UC’s strengthening music scene, but also into student culture, and what it means to be a UC student in a time where orange men (Ed’s note: Trump) rule.

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