Review: Darkspace III

Hayden Slaughter, July 2017, Darkroom/Space Academy

Darkspace III, a collaborative event from two of Christchurch’s premier underground music establishments, Darkroom and Space Academy, was scheduled for the night of Saturday the 22nd of July.

It was cancelled due to the torrential downpour—most of the acts couldn’t get to Christchurch.

A soggy 0/10.

However, Darkroom pulled through with a gig so lit you could see the rain vaporising on the roof of the building. Fran/Bar Group, Hex and The All Seeing Hand braved the weather and made it to Christchurch, to play some experimental sludge rock, an upbeat punk set, and something I can only describe as some “nasty ass droney sludge music from the depths of hell”.

Both Fran and Hex played tight sets, but, The All Seeing Hand were the real winners on the night. Quite different to a traditional Mono Night, these guys could thrash out a tune that consisted of one single note, but drove it home like Tiger Woods in his glory days. And, not unlike Tiger’s collapsed marriage and considerable drunken notoriety, they proceeded to blow my f*cken mind. If you like sweating a lot, and having existential crises, you should give these guys a listen.

An existential 8/10.

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