Review: Melodrama (Album)

Melodrama by Lorde
Asher Olliver, June 2017

Melodrama is beautifully produced, Lorde still sounds like Lorde. I’ll rate this album track by track, it’s a 8/11 if you don’t want to read further. Her first album was slightly more interesting due to same ol’ Lorde drumbeats with just slightly more American production involved. It’s Lorde’s dark pop universe, though.

Each song is its own story. Bangers split between singles about feelings, fornicaters and fermata. It’s familiarly intriguing from the kākāriki illumination. Her less-repetitive lyrics are sweet as and thoughtful, Lorde’s unique songwriting muscle can justifiably be said to be flexed effortlessly.

Quickly though. Banger number one on the album, “Green Light” is made for radio but beware it’s bubblegum chorus surface level. Lorde sings, “Sober”, which feels like her debut album, “Pure Heroine”, but the trumpets give away there is a growing American influence in her life. Contrasted with, “Sober II”, she gives Lana Del Rey vibes in her prosody and pace. “Homemade Dynamite” is my favourite ear worm here, go listen to it. “The Louvre” is best served with headphones providing dramatic background soundscapes. Hard Feelings/Loveless is two average songs put into one, sorry Lorde, I still love ya. “Writer in the Dark” is saucy, and another addition to Lorde’s un-lit side. Whoever this song is about, will be rueing this review. The chorus here is fantastic and demonstrates how Lorde’s layered vocals made her famous. Supercut sucks sorry.

The final track, “Perfect Places” stands up to “Green Light” as a made for radio, pop-party song. For me it helps explain the darker parts of her album, her imperfect perception of a pop universe ruled by the nocturnal.


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