Review: TuneSoc Battle of the Bands

Hayden Slaughter, May 2017, The Foundry

“God of Rock, thank you for this chance to kick ass. We are your humble servants. Please give us the power to blow people’s minds with our high voltage rock. In your name we pray, Amen.” – Dewey Finn.

Eight bands, on one night, with one sole purpose, to become the greatest band in all the Tune-iverse. TuneSoc’s very first Battle of the Bands was the pinnacle of the TuneSoc vision, an occasion to showcase the finest musical talent that UC has to offer. An opportunity for the Lawyers to ditch the gavels, and pick up a microphone. The English majors to put all that creative writing to use. And the Engineers to actually see a girl in person. The night was sure to be a hit, and TuneSoc certainly did not disappoint.

Opening an event like this is never easy, but The Blitzkriegs got the night pumping like Darude, Sandstrom at a house party. Their hard, fast, and catchy punk style getting the crowd on their feet. Shades of The Clash, and The Sex Pistols shining through, The Blitzkriegs were a personal favourite on the night, and well worth catching at their next gig.

The Reconstruction coming on second, providing some smooth and classy tunes. Just three members strong, and a keyboardist, bassist, and drummer at that, they put out a tight and enjoyable set. Some slick pop tunes, with a wild bass solo and a keyboard stand made from two stools and a guitar case, added to the overall experience that is The Reconstruction.

A familiar name to most UC students, Mako Road pulled together a strong set, channelling the increasingly popular Sticky Fingers vibe. Always a crowd favourite, their stage presence and performance got the crowd up for a boogie. If you were lucky enough, you may have even caught a glimpse of that illusive smile, across the cheeks of Mark Horner.

Who needs a vocalist when you have a cornet player? Desifinado certainly did not! What an encaptivating performance, they danced, and jived, and belted out some crunchy, funk infused, hard rockin’ metal, that I have never before experienced. Shout out to the cornet player, for undoubtedly the best outfit on the night too.

Walking on stage, with a TV in hand, Saddles provided the weirdest experience of the night. Bellowing “Don’t fuck my sister!” at the top of their lungs, whilst a strange mix of Nigella Lawson cooking clips, NCIS hacking, Ben Lummis performing at a wedding, and Courage the Cowardly Dog played on the TV, Saddles got the crowed pumped up and prepared for anything.

TuneSoc is all about diversity, and Fall of Them, whilst not being everyone’s cup of tea, certainly made an impression. They shredded harder than a paper shredder, and got the mosh going like no one else. Their experience as a band shinned through, nailing some tight rhythms, and sweet solos. Fall of Them showing the talent coming through the Christchurch metal scene.

Always a crowd favourite, Guy Dooney and the Battlers blessed the crowd with Guy’s sweet and sensual vocals, accompanied by masterful song writing, and a band full of talent. You could almost hear the ladies in the crowd swooning over the man himself, whilst they caressed our earlobes with such effortless and emotional tunes. Doo-neyot miss these guys next time they play.

James and the Immigrants finished the night with some funky pop tunes and a great rendition of Come Together by the Beatles. What a fitting way to end an already magnificent night, they pumped out some sleek and glistening melodies to put the final touches on an incredible Battle of the Bands.

A big congratulation to Mako Road for taking out first prize, with Guy Dooney and the Battlers in second, and The Reconstruction in third. The night was one to keep on the calendar for next year, with plenty of unhatched talent sure to come out of UC.

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