Review: Soaked Oats

Campbell Lauder, April 2017, Wunderbar

The release party for the Oats’ new EP ‘Stone Fruit Melodies’ was hectic to say the least. A fusion of delicious tunes hitting the back of your throat with a beautiful mixture of musical instrumentals and sexy vocals made this was one heck of a gig – and some! The aptly titled album brings out some serious grins and leaves you wanting more sweet nectar to pour over your porridge in the evening. The musical talents of Henry (guitarist/vocals) shine through, while Max (bassist) vibes away, and Corn (drums) produces delightful fills that could knock the socks off your kankles. The lyrics of vocalist/guitarist, Oscar, blend the entire band together into one cheeky yet delightful smoothie to keep you going through the night. TuneSoc is definitely looking forward to hearing more from Soaked Oats in the future!

Release your inner #peach and pay the new EP a visit on Spotify/Bandcamp. You won’t regret the visit.

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