TuneSoc & BirdsNest Present: Brekky for Dinner

Brekky 4 DinnerTuneSoc & BirdsNest Entertainment Present: Brekky 4 Dinner

Friday May 12th @ The Foundry


TuneSoc has welded minds with BirdsNest to bring UC a flurry of bands for your listening pleasure.

Highlight Friday the 12th of May in your desk diary because it’s going to be a feast of organically harvested, homegrown kiwi produce coming loud and fast at eardrums everywhere.

This festival of frivolity will bring you one of the tastiest brekkies you can jam into an evening. Get along to the Foundry to celebrate the arousing aromas that are cooked up when the finest musical chefs get together and delve deeply into their instruments. These 3 bands are coming up to the Big Shaker to share their tunes and buzz with as many Cantabrians as they can wiggle a stick at.

The main course for the evening is The Shambles, who have recently returned from their NZ Summer Tour with RnV groovers, GROMz. The lads have been writing some flavoursome new music featuring funked up basslines, sultry hip-shaking RnB, cosmic jazz-synth and some psychedelic riffs. All delivered to your table in one of the most boisterous and energetic live sets you’ll see this side of lunchtime.

But don’t put all your eggs in the Shambles basket because there is a delicacy for everyone at this musical buffet. Hot out of the oven comes Soaked Oats, a fresh 4-piece rolled in the Chur and pressure-cooked in Dunedin, dishing up your fix of full noise rock n roll. A sexy blend between late night jazzrock and vibrant surf-rock. Driven by folky lyrics, pounding drums and finger-licking rock riffs.

Your post-brunch pudding is covered by the soulful Mamazita. Sultry vocals, and sensual RnB vibes, all packed into your lunch box with a sprinkling of shaggadelic basslines.

If after all of that you’re still craving more, Garth will cool you down and keep you boogying with some sunshine soul-house radiating from the decks.

This dégustation platter of melodies has something for everyone. The most important musical meal of the month. Get your ticket from Under the Radar. You don’t want to miss this one!


Love always,


TuneSoc x

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