Review: Welcome to TuneSoc

Sam Thomas, March 2017, The Foundry

Did we just witness the birth of a homegrown UC music scene? “Welcome to TuneSoc” was the first major event of the year by the ambitious new club TuneSoc which is looking to stimulate musical growth in the UC community. The event featured eight acts across a diverse range of genres, from the Bob Dylan–esque originals from singer songwriter Matt Slaughter, to the angelic harmonies of four piece And More, the silky smooth country soul of Guy Dooney and the Battlers and finally rounded off by the rock-jazz groove of Dusky Sound. The drink deals and living room feel of the Foundry made for a homely Wednesday night atmosphere as we all settled in and let the music take hold. As we made our way through the night, and the Martinborough Gardening Duo brought their saxophone out, the enlivened crowd found its dancing shoes. A brilliant evening of musical appreciation. If this first night is anything to go by, the future’s looking bright for the emerging art culture of UC.

(Photo: George Moon)

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