Review: Nomad

Harry Lawrence, February 2017, MONO Nights (The Foundry)

Nomad, Christchurch’s favourite sons came back home for a night that both old and new uni students have raved about as the gig that kicked off 2017 at UC. As a Brit I have to admit that I had never heard of Nomad before coming to New Zealand and the most I got to hear of them before I arrived at Mono (16th Feb) was their classic hit ‘Oh my my’. However despite knowing so little about them going into the gig I left with a desire to know so much more. Nomad’s natural ability to get a crowd going from their first song (I will find you) and to then keep that energy going until their last (Oh my my) was a site to behold. Their alt-pop/folk sound was so easy to get into for new fans like myself and I’m certain that I wasn’t the only new admirer leaving The Foundry that night. For those not fortunate enough to have seen them at Mono I’d highly recommend catching them Homegrown on the 5th March if you can. They very quickly became my favourite Kiwi band and I’m sure after listening to them they could become yours too!

(Photo: George Moon)

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