Review: The Bats

Tom Dench, January 2017, Space Academy Christchurch

When I heard that The Bats were playing a gig in Christchurch, I was super excited on my parents’ behalf. One of the bands on Flying Nun’s original roster, The Bats, along with label mates such as Sneaky Feelings and The Chills, had dominated indie rock playlists in the 1980s.

When the music started, it was pretty clear that a much of the crowd were being taken back thirty years. The venue is a café during the day, and in lieu of a stage, the band set up on the floor in the corner in a way reminiscent of the DIY gigs of the past. The image was finished perfectly with a curly haired bloke in a windbreaker jacket dancing animatedly trying to impress his date, in a way that reminded me of every NZ 80s music video, albeit clutching a can of craft beer rather than draft ale. A groovy throwback in a modern, trendy venue.

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