Review: Fat Freddy’s Drop

Campbell Lauder, February 2017, Queenstown NZ

As we reach the grassy ridges of the Queenstown Cricket Oval, the grounds are encompassed by the mountainous landscape surrounding it – providing the most idyllic setting for an outdoor concert. As the warmup acts finish up, Fat Freddy’s Drop begin to play, with the seven-piece band providing a melodic symphony of dub, funk and reggae, all culminating in a somewhat euphoric trance where you just can’t stop dancing and skanking along.

Crowd favourites such as Blackbird and Roady are belted out by the fan faithful, while new tunes such as Razor are mixed with dark, and equally airy, clouds forming above to create an incredibly surreal atmosphere for the remainder of the show. The family friendly vibe which FFD possess is something to behold, with young children being piggy-backed on their parents’ shoulders or merely just sitting on a rug on the hillside listening to Joe Dukie’s soulful voice echo out to The Remarkables.

If you ever get the chance to see FFD live in concert, then take the opportunity to do so because they never disappoint #doitfortheloveofmusic

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