I thought they’d already be doing this?

University is the mystical place dancing on the horizon of many people’s teenage years. As they work their way up through the ranks of high school, uni takes on a sheen of hypothetical wonder; an intellectual and spiritual playground (see tequila, rum, vodka etc.). Parents, Uncles, Aunties, Family friends’ eyes light up as they tell vague stories of their time at Uni, with sinister grins and deep chuckles that give the intriguing impression that the uni experience will be filled with the full spectrum of the human decision making capacity.

But university is not cast in the mind simply as the last moments of free hooliganism, it’s also painted as a time of of new experience, the first sunrise of the young and freshly weaned, ready to take on the adult world with the idealistic stupidity that belongs only to the fresh hearted. Many of the greatest social movements of our time have come from the new water movements created by fresh fallen boulders, as of yet unwithered by the rivers of time spent in the adult world.

Through art, music, conversation (drugs) the youth of the western world have staked their claim on the day, flying the flag high (no pun intended) for the world that they want to live in. This is why I thought when I entered Canterbury University, the University with the largest student association in NZ and with the best club culture, that it would already have a vibrant scene where students would be writing, singing, feeling, moving to the song of themselves.

Of lives lived

In this place and time,

With these people,

With these minds,

With these hearts that flow so free

And these heads that long to meet

People who listen the way you do

But talk differently

About dreams that linger from

lecture halls, to the Foundry

Fresh faces soon to grow old,

Fighting songs of UC soul.

But there wasn’t something like that. There were musicians, there were dreamers, there were music lovers, but nothing bringing them together in one place. So in true doacratic fashion (see doacracy) a few of us put our minds together and decided to get something started; and thus TuneSoc was born!

This simple philosophy through which TuneSoc was founded trickles down to myriad initiatives that we hope to bring to the UC community in 2017. Things are to become much more set in stone over the coming months but we’ve been working hard over the summer break to kickstart some projects for 2017!


TuneSoc will be hosting musical showcases throughout the year that give opportunities for UC musicians to collaborate, perform, compete, launch original work and play in unusual and novel settings providing a range of musical experiences for students at UC.

In the pipeline:

  • Battle of the bands
  • Opening BBQ
  • Foundry Open Mic nights
  • Happy hour fridays
  • Undercroft lunchtimes
  • Flat acoustic sessions
  • Dunedin Road trip
  • Acoustic Competition
  • TuneSoc Music Diversity showcase


TuneSoc will strive to provide opportunities for the student body to progress their musical ability through initiatives that cater to a range of skill levels and experience.

In the pipeline:

  • TuneSoc Tutoring
  • Open Mic nights
  • Artist workshops with people in the industry
  • Jam Sessions
  • Hiring of equipment
  • TuneSoc Groove Room practice space
  • 48 hour songwriting competition
  • UC mixtape
  • TuneSoc artist management


Providing for a community of active appreciators is paramount to the success of TuneSoc – we want to provide awesome comment for people to engage with to drive community spirit and the use of music in our members lives to empower, enliven and enlighten.

In the pipeline:

  • TuneSoc Radio
  • Articles in Canta
  • Gig guide
  • TuneSoc Blog
  • TuneSoc video
  • Discounts to gigs
  • Music appreciation meetings
  • Album releases
  • UC mixtape

As you can probably tell right now, TuneSoc is much more than just a music scene. It’s the result of the intention to move UC through the tunes we all froth together.

So join us in this endeavour to provide the soundtrack to your lives in 2017!

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